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Darkest Days EMP Survival Book Discount And Full Review

darkest days bookHello friend and welcome to our today’s post about the Darkest Days book by Alec Deacon.

If you have found this page when searching for a detailed review that describes the advantages and disadvantages of Alec Deacon’s survival guide and the main things that you can expect to learn when purchasing it, then you are very welcome to check our review below.

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The Darkest Days Book Review


In simple words, the Darkest Days is a complete guide to surviving what could be the worst terrorist attack ever committed on United States soil. In this book, author and renowned survivalist Alec Deacon explains what an EMP attack is, why it could mean the total collapse of our civilization, and how you can prepare and survive it.

Alec Deacon is well-versed in survival and prepping, and has been educating people on how to survive in the event of a catastrophic event for years. In the Darkest Days book, Deacon has teamed up with physics professor and fellow survivalist Charles Green to bring readers potentially life-saving information about EMP attacks.

EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse, an electro-magnetic discharge that fries sensitive circuits on electronics. This means an EMP can destroy just about any electronic device.

As Alec Deacon explains, it is also possible to build an EMP bomb, a weapon that could take out the power grid of an entire nation instantly. Deacon also claims that terrorist groups, like ISIS, have the capability to build one of these weapons, thus wiping out all of America’s power.

In the Darkest Days book, Alec Deacon and Professor Charles Green explain how you and your family can survive such an attack. This guide tells readers how they can keep their electronics safe, how to generate power off-the-grid, and how to survive without electricity or modern conveniences…


Potential Advantages


Potentially Life-Saving Information

The number one reason you might consider buying this guide is because of the claims that the information in it could save your life – and that’s true. The Darkest Days EMP survival book has valuable information that could help you navigate through a very serious crisis.

If America was attacked and the power grid was shut down, it’s hard to imagine how we might survive. Knowing how to live without electricity and how to protect essential electronics would be crucial in this type of situation.

In addition, the Darkest Days book also comes with a special guide on how to protect your home and a guide on natural medicines. This is exactly the kind of information that can save lots of lives if the power grid does shut down.


Alec Deacon is an experienced and knowledgeable survivalist and prepper. He has written tons of material on survival and doomsday scenarios, and his depth of knowledge really shows in the Darkest Day EMP survival guide.

In addition, Deacon worked on this guide with Charles Green, who spent two years living in an Amish community and learning how to live without electricity. In case you didn’t hear about them before, the Amish don’t use electricity or modern conveniences at all, and they know how to survive completely off-the-grid.

Green learned many of their secrets and shares all of them with readers in the Darkest Days book.

Covers A Wide Variety Of Topics

“The Darkest Days” is not just a guide on how to stockpile food or protect your home. This guide covers a wide variety of topics, including making a device that will protect your electronics from an EMP attack, storing food and medicine without refrigeration, using alternative and natural medicine, and keeping your home safe without any electricity.

Generally, it can be said that the Darkest Days book is wide-reaching and covers everything you’d need to know if the power grid went down.

Money-Back Guarantee

Alec Deacon says you can purchase the Darkest Days EMP book and look it over before you have to decide if it was really worth the money or not.
In simple words, this guide comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can get a full refund…


Potential Disadvantages


Addresses Unpredictable (Or Unlikely) Scenarios

Nobody can say for sure whether the United States will ever suffer an EMP attack. And if such an attack occurs, nobody can be certain how people will react or what might happen.

Although the Darkest Days book covers a lot of information, it’s still dealing with a scenario that is unpredictable and may never even happen.

Only Available Online

You can only purchase the Darkest Days guide online. However, when you purchase the online guide, you can also choose to order a physical copy that will be shipped to you at a small extra fee…



The phrase “better safe than sorry” certainly rings true here. It’s better to be prepared for something that may never happen than to be unprepared in the face of a disaster. Given the compelling evidence that ISIS is capable of, or even already planning, an EMP attack, it would be stupid not to be prepared.

With these things in mind, The Darkest Days EMP survival book is one of the best guides available online today on how to prepare for life without the electric grid, and we personally believe that it should be on every American’s bookshelf…


The Darkest Days Discount And Ratings


  • Content Quality
  • Easy To Follow
  • Uniqueness
  • After Sale Support
  • Value For Money
The regular price tag of the Darkest Days by Alec Deacon is $37. However, by simply following these steps, you can purchase this survival guide at a reduced price:

1. Visit the link at the end of our review.

2. Close the video sales page you are going to see. After doing that, you will see a popup box. Simply choose the option to stay on the page.

3. You should now see the text sales letter of this book. Simply try to close this page on your browser again, and another popup box will be shown to you. As you did with the first popup box, select the option “stay on page”.

4. If you followed the exact steps above, you should now see a limited time offer which will allow you to get immediate access to the complete Darkest Days package at a great discounted price…

We hope that our review was useful for. Thank you for the visit and best wishes 🙂

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