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VA Benefits Survival Guide – Full Review & Special Offer

VA Benefits Survival Guide Hal GoodmanAugust 2016 update:

We just noticed that the VA Benefits Survival Guide is not available for purchase through the official website anymore and it seems that the author decided to stop selling it for now. We are still trying to understand if this is only a temporary decision or not.

Once we will have more details we will let you know and update our review accordingly…

In the meantime, you can check our review about The Lost Ways guide which gets great feedback from our visitors.

All the best!

VA Benefits Survival Guide Review


The VA Benefits Survival Guide is an informative guide for U.S. military veterans looking to get the most out of their veteran’s benefits. Author Hal Goodman says he watched his father suffer after he was shot in the Vietnam War and was unable to get the benefits he needed to take care of his medical bills later in life.

This inspired Hal to dig in and research all the available benefits for veterans. He quickly discovered that obtaining the benefits they deserve was a nearly-impossible task for veterans, requiring tons of research and paperwork. In order to make the process easier for veterans in the future, Hal puts together the VA Benefits Survival Guide.

In simple words, the VA Benefits Survival guide breaks down the process into ten easy steps. The first seven steps cover how to apply for quick approval:

Step one covers finding your military records and everything you need to apply.

Step two explains how to make a “bulletproof” case for yourself, including certain papers that Hal claims are key to your success.

Step three details how you can prove you were deployed to certain areas.

Step four explains setting up your eBenefits account.

Step five reveals what Hal claims is a sure-fire claim that will get approved fast.

Step six covers how you can get a denial overturned without appealing.

Step seven shows you how to get the VA to speed up your claims decision.

In part two of the program, the final three steps, you’ll learn what to do if your claim is denied and you’re forced to appeal:

Step eight explains how you can use certain language the VA uses against them to win.

Step nine shows you where to find other successful claims you can use to support your own claim.

The final step helps you find a legal representative if you have to go in front of a judge…


Potential Advantages


Makes The VA System Easy To Understand

The VA Benefits Survival guide does an excellent job of simplifying an overly complicated bureaucratic system. There’s a ton of red tape to get through when applying for benefits. Sometimes, simply figuring out where to go or what paperwork to file to get your benefits seems impossible. This guide leads you through the whole complicated system in ten easy steps.

Reveals Unknown Methods For Getting More Money

There are tons of programs out there for veterans. In fact, there are many programs most veterans don’t even know about. The VA Benefits Survival Guide reveals every single benefit you could be eligible for, so you can apply for all the aid you deserve. You’ll learn about well-kept secret benefits programs that can earn you hundreds every month.

Get Benefits Faster

Going through the VA system alone is a long, tedious process. It can take months, even years, to finally get approved for the benefits programs you deserve. By following the roadmap provided in the VA Benefits Survival Guide, you can take shortcuts to get benefits faster.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The VA Benefits Survival Guide comes with a 2-month money back guarantee. In simple words, this allows you to look over the guide and try it out for a full 60 days with no risk or commitment…


Potential Disadvantages


Veteran’s Benefits Are Complicated

Even with this guide, getting benefits from the VA is complicated. There are always new laws being written that can change the way the system works, and every case is different. There’s no guarantee you’ll get all your benefits, even if you stick to Hal Goodman’s system.

Only Available Online

The VA Benefits Survival Guide is only available online and you can’t order a hard copy of the guide. With that said, you can make a printed copy at home if you prefer…


Our Conclusions

The VA Benefits Survival Guide is essential reading for every veteran. Even if you don’t think you’re entitled to many benefits, you’ll find special programs and benefits listed in this guide that you can take advantage of to get hundreds of dollars a month.

In simple words, by using this guide you’ll get the money you deserve faster, and understand how the VA works and going after what you’re entitled to.

Best of all, Hal Goodman offers you a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is really no risk giving his VA Benefits Survival Guide a try…


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