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Dr. Mather’s Hearing Loss Protocol Discount & Full Review

hearing loss protocol richard matherHello friend and welcome to our post about the Hearing Loss Protocol by Dr. Richard Mather.

If you have found this page while looking for a comprehensive review about the Hearing Loss Protocol and its main pros and cons, then you are very welcome to check our review below.

On the other hand, if you arrived here when searching for deals or discounts for Dr. Mather’s guide, then all you have to do is to click on this special link to get the Hearing Loss Protocol at a massive discounted price, right from the official website 🙂

Now, let’s understand better what the Hearing Loss Protocol is all about…

Hearing Loss Protocol Review


Created by Dr. Richard Mather (pen name), a cochlear implant surgeon, the Hearing Loss Protocol is a comprehensive guide that was created to help people treating hearing loss in less than three weeks, by using natural and affordable ingredients.

Dr. Mather explains he was pushed to find a natural cure for hearing loss because he had a patient who can’t have surgery due to a heart problem. He found the solution from a multi-awarded American scientist, who supposedly discovered the root cause of hearing loss, which is poor blood flow in the inner ears.

Here’s how it works:

Our ears are composed of the external, middle, and inner ear. Among the three, it’s the inner ear that’s responsible for our ability to hear. It contains approximately 12,000 tiny test tube-like projections called hair cells, which reacts to the information received from the brain and the chemical messages from the cochlea (a spiral-shaped cavity). They capture noises coming from our environment, and then transform them into electrical waves that our brains can interpret into exact sounds.

Hearing loss happens when hair cells start to die due to a low blood flow to the inner ear. The more hair cells damaged, the lesser you hear.

Apparently, most doctors and scientists already know about this. However, they chose to create “Band-Aid solutions”, like hearing aids, because a permanent cure wouldn’t benefit them financially. At least that’s what Dr. Richard Mather claims.

As a result, in the Hearing Loss Protocol you’ll discover a little-known formula that Dr. Mather promises can help you permanently treat hearing loss caused by ear infections, loud environmental noises, and increasing age, among others…


Potential Advantages


Backed By Science

We Googled some facts mentioned on the Hearing Loss Protocol website. Interestingly, there are websites and articles that suggest blood flow to the inner does play a role in hearing loss.

For instance, nicotine in cigarettes is poisonous to the ears and could cause hearing impairment and tinnitus. One reason is nicotine and carbon monoxide constricts blood vessels in the ears, which in turn deprives the hair cells in the inner ear of life-giving oxygen. This leads to hair cells damage due to lack of oxygen.

We have also found that there are recent scientific discoveries that suggest hair cell regeneration in humans could be possible one day. An example is Dr. Edwin Rubel’s research on curing hearing loss (age-related, environmental, or congenital) and other types of deafness.

A Natural And Permanent Solution

We’re not discouraging you to seek professional help. Actually, that should be your first step. Depending on the cause and severity of your hearing loss, your ear doctor may suggest that you use a hearing aid or undergo surgery.

Although a cochlear implant is helpful in treating severe hearing loss, it still involves risks. There’s even a possibility that you may permanently lose your hearing. Other risks involved are bleeding, lightheadedness, infection, and buzzing in the ears.

On the other hand, Dr. Richard Mather’s Hearing Loss Protocol involves an all natural treatment plan, which means it is much safer.

Understandable And Simple To Implement

The Hearing Loss Protocol is free from difficult medical jargons. The casual, informative style of writing will somehow help nonreaders – perhaps including you – go through the entire material easily. Dr. Mather’s instructions are detailed and organized, so you won’t have too much problem following his hearing loss treatment plan.

Doesn’t Need A Big Chunk Of Your Time

If you can spare at least six minutes daily, then the Hearing Loss Protocol is probably for you. That’s all the time you need everyday to whip up this natural cure for hearing loss.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee Offered

This is a standard offer by many authors online. It’s great that Dr. Richard Mather has this in place, so you could go through the entire guide and carry out his treatment plan for two months. If it doesn’t work for you despite following his instructions to the letter, you can email him and his team and to ask for a full refund…


Potential Disadvantages


Not An Overnight Cure

If you’re expecting for a “magical cure”, this is not it. The soonest you could get noticeable results would probably be around nine days to fourteen days, usually more. It all depends on the severity of your hearing loss, and that’s why it’s important to stick to this treatment plan for at least 4-6 weeks before making any decisions.

Not A Complete Replacement For Medical Advice

Although this could work, you shouldn’t use it without undergoing a medical examination. Your doctor could give a more thorough explanation of your condition and the medical treatments available to cure hearing loss. If none of those treatments worked for you, then you can start looking for alternative solutions, such as what you’ll find in the Hearing Loss Protocol.

Available In Digital Format Only

The Hearing Loss Protocol is an eBook, and if you are looking for a physical copy you are going to be disappointed because Dr. Richard Mather doesn’t offer this option yet.

With that said, you still have the option to print it yourself if you prefer to leaf through a hard copy…


Our Conclusions

Overall, we believe the Hearing Loss Protocol is worth checking out. The guide is not dirt cheap, but it’s not overpriced either. Its price is just within the normal range, and you can always avail of the 60-day refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it for whatever reason.

Of course, the Hearing Loss Protocol has its downsides, and we believe it might not work on severe cases of hearing loss. The results could also vary depending on the degree of your hearing loss and the extent of damage to your hair cells.

In general, we can say that if you’re looking for an overnight cure, the Hearing Loss Protocol is absolutely not for you. On the other hand, if you have mild to moderate hearing loss and you don’t want to undergo an ear surgery because of the risks and cost, then the Hearing Loss Protocol is a great option for you…


Hearing Loss Protocol Discount And Ratings


What We Thought
Hearing Loss Protocol
  • Content Quality
  • Easy To Follow
  • Uniqueness
  • After Sale Support
  • Value For Money
The standard selling price of the Hearing Loss Protocol by Dr. Richard Mather is $69.

However, by simply clicking on the special link at the bottom, you will be able to buy this guide at a great reduced price right from its official website…

Well, that’s it for this review of the Hearing Loss Protocol by Dr. Richard Mather.

We hope we provided you with enough information to make a decision, and we sincerely wish you will find a permanent cure for your hearing problem soon.

All the best 🙂

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